ABOUT US Customers first

Our development philosophy is customer lead. What this means is that we will put out a first release, get your feedback and iterate on it until it best fits your needs. It’s why Martialytics is so easy to pick up and use - you designed it.

We’re a family business, like lots of you

Founded by cousins Glen Kleinig and Brad Cumbers in 2013 (yes that’s us at 3), fresh from a successful Govhack win, Brad was training in Kung Fu where they were running their school with pen and paper, having no idea who was training or not without manually going through cards.


There had to be a better way, so Martialytics was born.

We work remotely so we’re on when you are

We’re based in Western Australia and the United Kingdom so we span a great range of timezones (there’s only about a 1 hour window where we’re both asleep at the same time)! This allows us to have fantastic support response times.

We’re also firm believers that the founders should directly handle as much support as possible to get the best feedback directly. We’re able to handle hundreds of customers at once because our support ticket volume is so low - must be because it’s just so easy to use!

We’re 100% bootstrapped

We’re a small and nimble company by design. We are completely self funded which means we’re not beholden to any one, no investors - just you, our customer. We’re able to take your feedback on board, and constantly improve the product. Our model allows us to grow as you grow so that we’re both invested in each other. It makes for a uniquely great partnership.

We have a solid, exciting roadmap

While we’re small and nimble, we’ve got the experience behind us to allow us to develop deep, robust technology while remaining super easy to use, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with web technology. Thanks to your feedback and our ideas, we’ve got a lot of very exciting projects in the works. We constantly release new updates that require no download or have any price hike for you (ever).

We can’t wait to share with you what’s next. Jump on board!

Already $3,000,000 has been processed through Martialytics. We’re proud to play a role in growing and supporting martial arts. Brad Cumbers Martialytics London, UK

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Try every feature, add unlimited students & users, no credit card required.