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All about us

We’re all about you! We use smart technology and great design to help you to grow your school without adding to your overheads. You’ll find that Martialytics is the best investment you can make for your Martial Arts business.

Our approach

Quality, simplicity and speed

Our focus is on quality development and design. You’ll find us super easy to use and above all, reliable & fast. You won’t need to spend hours learning how to use the software or days on the phone sorting out bugs or downtime with us.

This is why we can maintain the best prices in the industry. Highest prices definitely don’t mean the best software - we’re designed from the top down to benefit you and your business.

Small and family owned

We know what it’s like to run a small business - we’re just like you! Founded by cousins Brad and Glen in 2013 and joined by Fiona in 2019, we’re small by design.

We believe that by staying small and nimble, we can pivot quickly to best serve your business needs as times change around us quickly.

This proved especially useful in 2020 as COVID-19 turned the world on it’s head and we were able to quickly turn around our Student Portal and Study feature (5 days start to finish!) to help schools stay open and maintain revenues remotely. From there moved on to our Online Booking and Calendar feature as restrictions started to lift, to help our customers keep on top of strict capacity numbers.



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Co-founder & CEO / DESIGN

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We’re here for you, always

We’re a small family business, just like lots of you. You’ll speak directly to the people that build and design the software and we’ll respond super fast. Reach out and let’s make the best martial arts software together! Say hi! 👋

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