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Flexible attendance

Our Attendance Tracking solution is designed to be flexible so that it fits alongside how you want to run things and not by forcing you to work in a particular way.

Attendance screen

Take attendance on the mat or students check themselves in

Attendance works great with an iPad or Android tablet right there on the mat. It’s the fastest and most accurate way to take role call. Instructors will know exactly who’s there and what they should be doing so they can focus on teaching.

Kiosk Mode screen

Amazing reports let you know who, when and where

Our fully flexible (and exportable!) Attendance Reports let you see exactly who is training where, how often, what times and most importantly let’s you identify trend lines so you can tweak your programs. Attendance is the clearest indictator of the health of your school. We make it easy to keep on top of.

Attendance Reporting

Over the last 3 months we have averaged about 750 attending lessons a month! That's amazing, and we know this thanks to Martialytics!

Paul Hacker, Nishikan Martial Arts, UK
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