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Simplify your billing

Improve your cash flow, grow your revenue and save time. Billing with Martialytics allows you to save hours of time each month, knowing your students will be billed on time and you’re getting the lowest possible rates.

Get paid on time, every time

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Direct Debit processing
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Credit & Debit Card processing
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Billing cards

Everything in
one place

Adding plans and passes all in one place means you can simplify your offering for your customers. You can adjust these by adding discounts and one off payments to cover unique situations.

Billing selections

Flexible attendance restrictions

Control access by adding restrictions to plans. Only want your Karate students to be able to train twice per week? No problem. Want your Passes to expire after a month? Easy!


World-class live reporting

World class reporting

Running all of our billing through Martialytics allows us to fully automate our income. Easier for us, better for our students and that means we can focus on teaching the latest techniques and growing our dojo.

Ashley D, The Karate Centre, Australia
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